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Exploring the World of Neuroscience with Matt Bush

December 20, 2022 Matt Bush Season 5 Episode 298
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Exploring the World of Neuroscience with Matt Bush
Show Notes

This EP I bring back a leading expert in the world of applied neurology, Matt Bush.  For the past 15+ years, Matt has been educating human performance practitioners on how to use concepts in neuroscience to improve outcomes in injury management and performance.  First with Z-Health as the lead instructor, and now through his own business, Next Level Neuro.

Jaime and I brought Matt in to help us integrate applied neurology into the practice of Reconditioning and it has changed how we practice and the results we help our clients achieve. 

We spent this last year in an intense mentorship with NLN to further build on what we first learned so that we could continue to bring the practice of Reconditioning to an even higher level.

In this podcast, Matt and I discuss some fundamentals of this neuroscience exploration, what it could mean for your practice, and the outcomes you seek to achieve.

Reconditioning follows a step-by-step process of integrating applied neurology in our three courses, R1 Foundations (proprioceptive concepts), R2 Designs (Visual and Vestibular considerations), and the R3 CoLab (Cortex, Brainstem, and the Cerebellum).  Please have a look at our course curriculum today at https://reconditioninghq.com/

If you wish to see what Matt is doing with his company Next Level Neuro, he can be found at https://www.nextlevelneuro.com/

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