Leave Your Mark

How One Remains Grounded in Challenging Times with Brad Stulberg

January 31, 2023 Brad Stulberg Season 5 Episode 304
Leave Your Mark
How One Remains Grounded in Challenging Times with Brad Stulberg
Show Notes

This week's EP features the author Brad Stulberg. Brad’s work explores the principles of mastery and well-being that transcend all capabilities and domains. 

He is particularly interested in the philosophical and psychological foundations of excellence, and the habits and practices necessary to attain it. 

He’s learned that whether someone is trying to qualify for the Olympics, start a company, craft a creative masterpiece, break ground in mathematical theory, or raise a family, many of the practices underlying fulfillment, sustainable success, and well-being are the same, supported by scientific evidence, and available to everyone. 

He is the author of the book The Practice of Groundedness and coauthor of the books Peak Performance and The Passion Paradox. These books explore the art, science, and practice of motivation, values-driven excellence, and maximizing one’s potential—all the while realizing a more fulfilling and sustainable kind of success.

He has a coaching practice in which he intimately partners with his clients to apply the principles about which he writes.

He is a fellow at the University of Michigan’s graduate school of public health. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with his family, and recently had a newborn baby.  We hope you enjoy the chat!

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