Leave Your Mark

The Cookie Monster Sol Orwell

May 23, 2023 Scott Livingston Season 6 Episode 320
Leave Your Mark
The Cookie Monster Sol Orwell
Show Notes

In this episode, I speak with Sol Orwell. Sol is the Co-Founder of Examine, a web engine dedicated to clearing the mud off the windows of nutrition information, delivering nutrition practices you can trust. 

 Sol has a different story than most. Dabbling in web development while still in high school, he found he had a knack for building useful and popular websites. He incorporated his first business while studying computer engineering at the University of Toronto.
 In his mid-20s, he opted to retire, freeing up time to do what he wanted, when he wanted. Transforming from fat to fit, he began to investigate the whys and hows behind nutrition, health, and fitness. This research led to Examine.com, the culmination of thousands of hours of research into anatomy and nutrition. 

Ironically, in Sol's retirement, he reinvented his focus around food and used a knack for bringing people together around a cause to experiment with cookies.  He began a multi-year experiment to find the greatest cookies and merge this passionate endeavor with fundraising.  His story is indeed unique, and his mark clearly indelible. Enjoy!

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