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Braking Barriers with Jodi Van Rees

July 04, 2023 Jodi Van Rees Season 6 Episode 326
Leave Your Mark
Braking Barriers with Jodi Van Rees
Show Notes

This EP is near to my heart.  My guest Jodi van Rees is the real definition of a pioneer.  This is a story of overcoming hardship, challenging hurdles, and impossible barriers to become one of the first women on the bench or on the sidelines of men's professional sport. It's worth your time.

Prior to her work in the corporate world, Jodi was a Certified Athletic Therapist and a Massage Therapist, and a pioneer in the field.  She worked her way up from university hockey to pro roller hockey, to Major Junior Hockey, and finally to the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens.  

 She was a pioneer for women in the field becoming the first woman to work as an Athletic Therapist in the Quebec Major Junior hockey league, and the first woman to be an Athletic Therapist behind the bench in the NHL.

 Since leaving the NHL, Jodi has served as a Disability Management specialist in the insurance industry for the last 20 years and she is currently working as a Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Advisor with Telus Health, formerly known as LifeWorks.  Beyond all her achievements she is also a great partner to her husband Matt and mother of her boy Nolan.  Enjoy the ride!

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