Leave Your Mark

Mission Impossible with Callum Walsh

August 22, 2023 Callum Walsh Season 6 Episode 333
Leave Your Mark
Mission Impossible with Callum Walsh
Show Notes

My guest on EP 333 is Callum Walsh.  With over 15 years of experience in elite performance management, Callum has worked in several leagues and competitions across different cultures and continents, including the Premier League, Euro 2016 Championship, Championship League 2, Turkish Super Ligue, and Brazilian Series A. 

Callum has collaborated with coaches and stakeholders at multiple levels, from international senior and junior teams to world-leading performance institutes such as EXOS and Aspire Academy. 

His mission is to apply his scientific knowledge, practical skills, and cultural awareness to help athletes and staff teams achieve their full potential. 

This was a great conversation about life influence and meeting purpose, I hope you enjoy it!

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