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Zen and the Art of Coaching with Nick Winkleman

November 21, 2023 Nick Winkleman Season 6 Episode 346
Leave Your Mark
Zen and the Art of Coaching with Nick Winkleman
Show Notes

This is the third-time return of one of the great thinkers and educators in human performance today, Nick Winkleman.  Nick currently serves as the head of athletic performance & science for the Irish Rugby Football Union.  I recently bumped into him at a Perform Better Summit in Orlando, Florida where he and I were speaking. 

He was presenting a topic seemingly out of context for the environment entitled "Zen and the Art of Coaching." I was intrigued and spent 75 minutes listening to a man talk about a subject I knew little about, but found myself moved to better understand.

Later sitting by the pool, we further got into a deep discussion, and I invited him to come back to the LYM podcast to enlighten our listenership with his insights.  

Nick has been through a great deal of change, some unexpected, and some expected in recent years.  His faith has helped him navigate this change, and he felt moved to share what he has learned through this unique presentation, and now in this wonderful conversation. I think you'll enjoy the ride!

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