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Using Blood Flow Restriction Training with Dan Wirth and Friends

December 19, 2023 Scott Livingston Season 6 Episode 350
Leave Your Mark
Using Blood Flow Restriction Training with Dan Wirth and Friends
Show Notes

This episode is an interview with Dan Wirth and Jonathan Thompson about the use and practical application of Blood Flow Restriction technology, and specifically the value of the B-Strong system.  

Dan is currently the Director of Olympic sports performance at the University of Tennessee. He has been in the world of human performance for 35+ years as both a team and organization strength and conditioning coach, and also as an entrepreneur.

 Dan left the University of Arizona in 2000 where he had served as Lead S+C for ten years to build his performance facility Sierra Fitness Performance Training in Tucson.  He was introduced to Blood Flow Restriction training with early technologies and experimental applications during his career. He then became a big advocate of the modality and uses it regularly in daily training.

 Dan further recommended we bring S+C Coach Jonathan Thompson, a former intern of Dan’s, on the show. Jonathan is using BFR regularly with his basketball players at Lipscomb University where he has been since 2022.

 In this session, we try to bring the wisdom and experience of Dan with the exuberance and application of Jonathan and another colleague together to paint a picture of the value of this training modality.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

If you're listening to this podcast before January 31, 2024, you can use the coupon code BFRstrength to get 20% off the price of a B-Strong kit by going to www.bstrong.training and applying the code.

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