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Three's a Charm or a HIIT with Paul Laursen

January 23, 2024 Paul Laursen Season 6 Episode 355
Leave Your Mark
Three's a Charm or a HIIT with Paul Laursen
Show Notes

This EP features Paul Laursen, a prominent figure in endurance sports, a versatile athlete, coach, scientist, and entrepreneur, encompassing more than three decades of experience. 

His academic career includes over 150 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and the mentorship of more than 20 PhD/Masters students. 

Paul is also the co-author with this colleague Martin Buckheit, of the bestseller "The Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training.”, and its education provider HIITScience.com.

On a personal level, Paul has completed over 100 endurance events, including 18 Ironman triathlons. Notably, he has coached accomplished athletes such as Kyle Buckingham and Andi Becherer to triumph in Ironman competitions. 

Driven by a passion for innovation, Paul co-founded Athletica.ai a pioneering training platform that skillfully combines scientific principles with artificial intelligence, including machine learning and numerical optimization. This dynamic platform is rapidly evolving and is set to redefine the future of athletic training. 

He lives in Revelstoke, BC with his wife Alison and their daughter Kaia. 

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