Leave Your Mark

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence with Alex Dziri

February 13, 2024 Alex Dziri Season 6 Episode 358
Leave Your Mark
Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence with Alex Dziri
Show Notes

In this episode, Alex Dziri and I discuss the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform various industries, including coaching.  AI is here to stay and we must recognize what it can do for us, and how we can employ it to support our work, not eliminate it.  

We emphasized the need for humans to adapt to the changing landscape and collaborate with AI systems while acknowledging the limitations of AI and the potential for it to impact jobs. 

Alex introduced a metaphor to help people think about AI more productively, viewing it as a sort of autistic cousin who is smarter than us, and recognizing that AI has all the answers we need but we need to ask it the right way. 

We also discussed the potential of AI in content creation, emphasizing its role as a collaboration tool rather than a replacement for human writers or artists.  We hope this episode helps you to embrace the use of AI in your work and life, and that it supplies you with some strategies to get started or continue on your journey with Artificial Intelligence. Enjoy!

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